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July 18, 2011 @ 8:11:25 PM — AdministratorGeneral

Indiana's "City of Murals" Public Art Display Expands

The Festival of the Arts announces 14 mural and sculpture projects to be created this summer for the 2011's Festival of the Arts competition. Formerly called the Festival of Murals, sculptures have been included this year to add a new medium of public art to Wayne County, Indiana.

This will add to Richmond and Wayne County's array of public art with more than 50 captivating murals and 15 sculptures found throughout the county. Several murals illustrate 200 years of local history... musical heritage, the Underground Railroad legacy, early modes of transportation and more. Others are colorful, whimsical murals. Some of the works for the 2011 Festival of Arts have already begun and the public can watch the progress. Some of the sculptures will be created at another location and set at their location by August 28.