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September 4, 2013 @ 2:23:43 PM — AdministratorGeneral

Buckeye Vintage Scooter Meet

Jay County readies itself to host the Buckeye Annual Vintage Scooter Meet at the  Fairgrounds.

September 5-7,  2013

The Buckeye Vintage Scooter meet will hold its annual meet  September  5-7,  at the Jay County Fairgrounds.  The event will feature several variety of older bikes and scooters, a swap meet, parts, treasures, junk, food and fun for all.  An all-day pass at the gate is $3.00. 

For more information about the show contact Lynie at 419-586-2894. 

For Additional Information Call: Kathy  260-726-3800, Nancy 260-997-6111 or Scott 260-729-1267