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  • January 20, 2012 @ 1:38:08 PM — AdministratorGeneral

    Jay County Fiber Fest 2012

    It's wintertime now and I am in hibernation mode—that would be as close to hibernation as I can get with Angora goats and sheep to feed and water. The colder it gets, the more they appreciate warm water. It is an ideal time to sit and spin and knit while watching the snow outside.

    But as the winter wears on, I find myself wanting more color, more contact with people, especially my fiber friends. What could be more cozy than sharing a warm house and a pot of soup with several friends, comparing fibers and projects?

    Let's take a road trip! In March I am starting to get cabin fever. Let's go to the Portland Fiber Fest and Spin In. This small festival in the heart of Jay County, Indiana offers us the chance to reconnect with fiber friends, learn new skills and visit some very fine vendors of fiber, fiber products and spinning and weaving equipment.